Places Reversed – reviews. November 13th.

My good friend, Robert Braithwaite, has received some nice reviews for his new novel, Places Reversed, one of which is copied below, and to which I add another from a mutual friend (sic).

Places Reversed is a rollercoaster of suspense, intrigue, and counter-intrigue, all unfolding against the backdrop of some very lush setting (the Royal Ascot chapters are fantastic, for example). The reversals are epic, as is the climax – just as all the antagonist and rival forces established throughout the narrative move towards inevitable collision with Freddie, the debt collectors and the French Police being the last straw. How he gets out of this is glorious! It really is a masterclass in how to plot a thriller, especially a racing thriller. The final win is brilliantly handled after another notional defeat and a lot of crafty hints and misdirection. I figured out it was something to do with Robert and the saddles, but his near ‘heart attack’ act temporarily threw me which is exactly what it needed to do. The sound of the alarm signalling a steward’s enquiry is perfect. And after this, the Felix story is tied up in the final chapter, effectively turning the denouement into another climax before the true denouement when David returns (having been presumed to have done a runner), with all the booty. Great stuff. Recommended.